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Jigsaw Independent Day Nursery is a superb, modern and bright daycare environment in which children have direct access to a safe supervised outdoor area throughout the day.

Our Nursery Education was judged by Ofsted to be 'Outstanding' and the children's enjoyment and achievements within the Nursery were also judged as 'Outstanding'.

Children of all ages play together in a family setting and they can see and reach all of the toys, resources and activities that the Nursery has to offer.  Nothing is kept in cupboards (except cleaning equipment and spare clothes!).

There are only safety and consideration restrictions on when and how children can use the facilities. They are empowered to make their own decisions on how they would like to spend their day.  Ofsted praised us highly for this as the children's behaviour was 'exemplery' as a result and it is a truly child centered Nursery.


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