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“I have been thrilled with the care my daughter has received at Jigsaw. She is treated as an individual and the time and effort that the staff have put into getting to know her has amazed me.  She has developed immensley since starting and always has a new word or phrase when I collect her.  She was a very clingy baby and no-one ever thought I'd peel her away from me but she has loved Jigsaw from the first visit and on nursery mornings finds her slippers, demands 'toast' and marches to the car!  I would never send her anywhere else.”


“Our son loves nursery, it is the first thing he talks about when he wakes up. The staff are excellent and we are very happy that he is at Jigsaw. Thank you.”


“Having experienced other Nurseries and my son’s reaction, I was so delighted at how well he has settled at Jigsaw and obviously loves being there and is flourishing. All credit to Amanda, Pippa and the rest of the staff, they are doing a fantastic job.”

“My son has settled down very well in the warm and friendly environment of the Jigsaw Nursery. His language and social interaction with other children and adults has improved enormously. The staff are caring and friendly.”

“All the staff at Jigsaw made a great effort with the 'settling in period' making it not only easier for the children but for us too!  There is an excellent focus on the children as individuals, their likes and dislikes are catered for there always seems to be a good positive atmosphere at Jigsaw-our children really enjoy it!”

"I would just like to say how very, very happy my husband and I are with our son's time at the Jigsaw Nursery.  We were amazed at how quickly he settled into the wonderfully calm and gentle setting and the overall atmosphere was one of quietly buzzing play and learning, though I'm sure they do have their nosier times!  The staff give the general impression of loving their jobs and especially the children and we would highly recommend this nursery to anyone wanting high quality nursery care."




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